Gyrfalcon Continues!

This afternoon, the Gyrfalcon flew into Old Fort Road at 2:40 pm. It remained in a large tree on the opposite side of a field on the right just after you go over the crest of the hill. The bird stayed just about an hour before it flew off to the south. It was later relocated on Bruyn Trpk. Karen Miller was able to get there and see the bird this time, Congratulations Karen! I recommend that if you try for this bird, go in the afternoon. It is far more reliable at that time of day.

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6 Responses to Gyrfalcon Continues!

  1. kate hyden says:

    Lucky ducky! been waiting to see this photo.. hope you get lots more!

  2. Karen C M says:

    I was saying to Matt yesterday that this is an AFTERNOON bird! Thanks for helping me see this one, John.

  3. Truth Muller says:

    Hey John, I am going to try for the Gyrfalcon. Hopefully it is still there!

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