Winter Finches

A male Common Redpoll awaits its turn at the feeders.

A male Common Redpoll awaits its turn at the feeders.

As the snow began to slow this morning I decided to head to the town of Neversink to see what the winter finch situation was. I covered much of the township, from the Rondout Reservoir to the Neversink Reservoir. I visited a number of feeding stations with nice results. Of the four feeding stations I visited, all four had PINE SISKINS and American Goldfinches. Three of the four had COMMON REDPOLLS! As far as up-county goes, Sue Rayano’s feeders at the corner of Smith and Cooley Mountain Roads is the easiest and most reliable for finches. She welcomes people to her yard (Smith Road side for best viewing) to see the birds. She had a large flock of Pine Siskins with a few Common Redpolls mixed in. All the usual feeder birds were present as well. On Husson Road, also in Neversink, the pair of RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHS continue and are easily seen in the pine groves along the road. A Common Raven was nearby the nuthatchs. The Redpolls have definitely arrived, and they may show up just about anywhere. Down county, Scott Baldinger still has the most reliable site for the winter finches. Scott welcomes visitors too! Good luck!

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