Just an id shot of the Common Redpoll.

Just an id shot of the Common Redpoll.

It was a great day of birding at the Bashakill today. Half hardies are everywhere. Scott Baldinger’s feeders are very active and it was finally warm enough to hike the trails. All of this added up to a nice list of birds. I stopped at Scott’s first, hoping to connect with the COMMON REDPOLL that has been frequenting his feeders. The bird was present as I drove up. I had a tough time getting a photo of the bird, so many birds and it with its back to me most of the time. I finally got an ID shot at least. Scott has many Goldfinches and Siskins. Tree Sparrows, Juncos, Song Sparrow, and the typical feeder birds were all present. Thanks again Scott! From there, I hiked the birch trail. It was easier than I expected, with crunchy snow rather than ice. It was quite birdy. I had 3 SWAMP SPARROWS, 2 WINTER WRENS, 3 CAROLINA WRENS and 2 HERMIT THRUSH! Not a bad take for such a cold winter. The marsh at Melrose Farm had 52 Mallards, 28 Black Ducks and 15 Canada Geese. From there, I went to the Deli Fields. It was quite active there as well. The berm up to the Stone Fields Trail had many birds feeding in the leaf litter. 2 more Hermit Thrush, 2 more Winter Wrens and 3 more Swamp Sparrows were all seen. A few Goldfinches and House Finches were present as well. Along the Stone Fields Trail I found 5 Bald Eagles! Two adults and three immatures. A single Hooded Merganser was in the channel. Good birding and great to be out on the trails again.

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2 Responses to Bashakill

  1. scott baldinger says:

    Hi John
    After reading the blog today you inspired me to get off my duff and walk the birch trail. Got out there a little past 2 pm and made out pretty well getting 2 of my 3 targets from your post: Winter Wren (3) and Swamp Sparrow (3) both first of year birds for me. Also had 1 Carolina Wren. Missed the Hermit Thrushes but I sure was glad to get out and like you was pleasantly surprised how walkable trail was. Other than Mallards and Blacks I did have 1 Common Merganser fly by the obs stand. Glad you got a photo of the COMMON REDPOLL. That bugger has been tough to photograph!

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