Up County Birding

Just a few of the 175 Horned Lark in Beechwoods today

Just a few of the 175 Horned Lark in Beechwoods today

This morning I headed up county to Bethel, Cochecton and Delaware Townships. I felt it was my best chance for some new birds. Turkeys seemed to be everywhere on this cold rainy morning. I had a total of 61 of them. There were four Brown-headed Cowbirds at the Dr. Duggan Road feeders among the common feeder birds. Near Fosterdale I found my first Red-shouldered Hawk of the year. When I reached the Beechwoods area, it became very birdy. American Tree Sparrows were everywhere. I had between forty and fifty of these birds with at least twenty Dark-eyed Juncos mixed in. On Gabel Road I hit the jackpot. Right along the road at the top of the hill were 72 HORNED LARK. I spent a good ten minutes searching through them for a Longspur, but no luck. Just as I was about to leave them, a huge flock of 100 plus Horned Larks flew in an joined them. I had just begun scanning them when they all spooked. They flew around several times and then flew uphill to the corn field two fields up from the road. Due to the slope of that field I couldn’t see them on the ground, only in flight. They flushed many times as I waited for them to come back to the first field. It never happened. Eventually, as temps were rising, snow fog came in. When I left, I couldn’t see them at all, but they were still present as I could hear them calling constantly. It was a good morning with 23 species seen.

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2 Responses to Up County Birding

  1. Joyce Depew says:

    Not a bad photo John – every time I try to take pictures of these birds they blend in with the environment and they are always on the move!

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