Couch’s Kingbird (New York State #396!)

Couch's Kingbird on Washington Street in Manhattan.

Couch’s Kingbird on Washington Street in Manhattan.

Another amazing day! This morning I saw Doug Gochfeld’s post about a Couch’s Kingbird in Manhatten. I had seen the post last night, but the thing came through as hieroglyphics to me. I never gave it another thought this morning until Doug put on his post. My immediate thought was, I’m not doing anything, hit the road. I arrived at the site on Washington Street just after 11am. I spoke with Tom Burke and Gail Benson who informed me that the bird hadn’t been seen in about an hour, but has been present every day at noon at this location (per the non-birder who has been observing the bird). I went to move my jeep and put it in a parking garage. Upon my return, Andrew Baksh yelled to me as I walked up the street. The bird had just flown in and was perched right in front of him! Thanks Andrew! A lot of birders, including Sy Schiff and Joe DiCostanzo viewed the bird over the next half an hour. It put on quite a show, perching high in the trees and flycatching frequently. For me, the intense sunlight was a problem with my photos, but they are definitely identifiable. One of the key identifying field marks of a Couch’s/Tropical is the distinctly green back. This showed well on this bird and was quite striking. I did not hear the bird vocalize, but many others had and it was diagnostic Couch’s Kingbird. I pulled myself away to head back home! Great day and my 11th new state bird this year!
Bright sunlight washed these shots, but they aren't terrible.

Bright sunlight washed these shots, but they aren’t terrible.

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4 Responses to Couch’s Kingbird (New York State #396!)

  1. bill says:

    Next time . . . .

  2. Wilma Amthor says:

    Wow what a great day for you and the shots are very pleasing!!

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