Eastern Orange County Christmas Count

Cackling Goose found on the Eastern Orange County Christmas Bird Count.

Cackling Goose found on the Eastern Orange County Christmas Bird Count.

Today, Bill and Jayne Fiero and I conducted the Eastern Orange Christmas Count for Bill’s regularly designated area. This was the sixth time in the last ten years that I have participated with Bill and Jayne. We had a good day, finding some uncommon birds and adding a new bird to our count area. Highlights of the 40 species encountered were Great Blue Heron, Winter Wren (only our second ever), Cooper’s Hawk and Bald Eagles. The bird of the day however went to our first ever CACKLING GOOSE!! When returning to Bill and Jayne’s at mid-day to check their feeders, we found a large flock of Canada Geese just half a mile from their house. The first order was to count the birds which numbered by best count 445 geese. I then began to scan the birds for something special. (we have had blue phase snows a couple of times) As I scanned near the center of the field, I spotted a Cackling Goose among the masses. I got Bill and Jayne on the bird and was able to get quite a few decent photos. This was a County and State bird for both Bill and Jayne, Congratulations! It was a great day overall and its always great to bird with Bill and Jayne. I can’t wait to hear what other special birds were found in the overall count area.

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2 Responses to Eastern Orange County Christmas Count

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks so much for the company and the expertise; we really enjoyed the day! Always a pleasure. Talk soon.

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