Truth Muller’s Article for eBird

Truth Muller is a wonderful young man from Sullivan County who has a vast array of interests and has been recognized by the birding community  a couple of times recently.  Currently he had been asked to write an article for eBird in regard to some research he has done at his home feeding station.  Here is a link to the article.  I am honored to have been mentioned by Truth in the article.  I expect we will be seeing great achievements by this young man in the future.  Hope you enjoy the article.

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7 Responses to Truth Muller’s Article for eBird

  1. kate hyden says:

    We are so proud that Truth and Mom Maura are Sullivan County Audubon members. They both add a new and young level to the organization that we hope is as infectious as Truth’s discoveries!

  2. bill fiero says:

    You are wise beyond your years, my man. Keep up your curiosity and intuition and you will never be without purpose . . . .

  3. Kathleen Ashman says:

    What an insightful, well written article, and how wonderful that Truth did research on his own to confirm what he had read! What a remarkable young man! Thank you for sharing the link, John. I thoroughly enjoyed the article.

  4. Truth Muller says:

    Thank you for your kind words, John, and thank you also for all the support and knowledge you’ve given me in my birding adventures!

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