Haven Road Bashakill

A beautiful Vesper Sparrow by the bridge on Haven Road.

A beautiful Vesper Sparrow by the bridge on Haven Road.

This afternoon, once the rain stopped, I headed to the Bashakill to see what might be happening. I never made it off Haven Road. The place was alive with birds, including some nice ones. I immediately realized more sparrows had come in. There was a nice assortment, Song, Swamp, Savannah, White-throated and White-crowned. The shinning star for me however was when I flushed a sparrow with white outer tail feathers from right along side the bridge. I followed the bird and was happy to find a beautiful VESPER SPARROW! Always one of my favorites. For some reason, the more unusual the sparrow, the more they cooperate for photos. This bird was no exception and the only problem was my ability to get a good shot. Other birds of particular interest were a female AMERICAN REDSTART! This is perhaps the latest I’ve ever had one here. Near the parking lot, I found a beautiful male RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH! (Sorry Steve, there are some still around). I had 30 species, and never left Haven Road, pretty good afternoon.

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4 Responses to Haven Road Bashakill

  1. Nice job with the Vesper Sparrow, John. I’ve been hoping for one this season, but no luck yet.

  2. Wilma Amthor says:

    What a sweet little sparrow. Thanks John

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