At a time when we are usually thinking sparrows, Finches seem to have taken the spot light. Sparrow numbers at the Bashakill have been good, but the diversity has not been great. Today, White-throated, White-crowned, Song and Swamp were the only sparrows I saw. On the other hand, PINE SISKINS are everywhere! I easily had over 100 of these finches between my two visits to the Bashakill today. Also of note were the good numbers of PURPLE FINCHES! Not only were many seen at Scott Baldingers feeders, I also had them at every field along South Road, at the Orchard, and at the Deli Fields. While the numbers aren’t as high as the Pine Siskins, they are being seen throughout the Bashakill. Interesting was the fact that American Goldfinches were in the lowest number today. The other bird of note today was RUSTY BLACKBIRD! When I visited the Main Boat Launch, I found a flock of 70 Rusties! Scott was able to make it over and see them as well. Raptors continue to move through, I had Red-shouldered, Red-tailed, Osprey, Bald Eagles and two Merlin today. Three American Pipits flew past Haven Road while I was there. Duck numbers were way down with the intense hunting that took place over the weekend. Up county, Swan Lake had the most waterfowl. 48 Common Mergansers, 34 Ruddy Duck, Pied-billed Grebe and American Coot were all seen.

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