Sullivan County Weekly Report

Six of the ten Pine Siskins at the Nature Trail today.

Six of the ten Pine Siskins at the Nature Trail today.

This week has had an influx of later fall migrants, though no real standouts have occurred. The highlight of the week is the PINE SISKIN irruption and the beginning of the waterfowl movement. While I’ve birded throughout the county, the Bashakill, Kiamesha Lake and Swan Lake have had the most interesting birds. Pine Siskins began showing up about ten days ago and have continued throughout the county since then. Most recently, they have arrived in the Bashakill. I have had several small flocks each of the last three days. Also, American Pipits are coming through and also have been seen and heard from Haven Road. A Marsh Wren has been present there for a while now as well. Red-breasted Nuthatch’s continue to be found at both the Pine Boat Launch and the Haven Road parking lot. Waterfowl has begun to show up at all locations, with Ruddy Duck and Pied-billed Grebe being the most numerous thus far. As of today, 30 Ruddy Duck are at Kiamesha and 9 at Swan Lake. There are Pied-billed Grebe at Morningside Park, Kiamesha and the Bashakill. Both Green-winged and Blue-winged Teal are present at the Bashakill, in pretty good numbers, but difficult to see. If an Eagle is hunting over the marsh, be prepared, they will put up many teal at times. Merlin, American Kestrel and Northern Harriers have been present each day. Peregrine Falcons have been coming by the Hawk watch, but I haven’t had one at the Bashakill yet. Perhaps our last shore birds of the year have been showing up at Morningside, with two Lesser Yellowlegs present on Wednesday. The Deli Fields are alive with birds! Bluebirds, Northern Flickers, American Goldfinch, Purple Finch, House Finch and up to 8 species of sparrows have been present. The first White-crowned Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos have just begun to show up. Great birding throughout the county!

Perhaps our last two Lesser Yellowlegs of the season at Morningside Park.

Perhaps our last two Lesser Yellowlegs of the season at Morningside Park.

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