Pine Siskins Have Arrived!

A Pine Siskin and Purple Finch on a feeder at the back of Sue's House.

A Pine Siskin and Purple Finch on a feeder at the back of Sue’s House.

This morning I did a tour of the Up-county area of Sullivan County. With all the reports of Pine Siskins recently, I was sure some had to have come in to the traditional area for them in the Pine/Spruce forests around the Neversink Reservoir. I birded many areas, with out success. I did find 5 American Pipits at the Neversink Reservoir, an assortment of common waterfowl at the Rondout Reservoir and both species of Kinglet in the Woodard Road/Cooley Bog area. When I finally reached Sue Rayano’s on Smith Road, I was beginning to think perhaps they weren’t here yet. Not to worry, I immediately found a nice assortment of birds at Sue’s feeders. 8 PINE SISKINS were the highlight! Also present were 2 Red-breasted Nuthatch, 6 Purple Finch, 2 American Goldfinch, 2 Dark-eyed Junco and the typical Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice and Mourning Doves. Three Siskins were feeding on the feeder at the back of the house and five more were in the nearby trees. Sue informs me they have been around for a couple of weeks already. Sue welcomes birders to her feeders.  She lives at the corner of Smith Road and Cooley Mountain Road in the town of Neversink. Just park at the drive way on the Smith Road side of house (near the white pickup truck) and view the feeders from the side yard. Good luck if you go!

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