Bashakill Interesting Morning

One of the Lincoln's Sparrows frequenting the Deli Fields and Stop Sign Trail this week.

One of the Lincoln’s Sparrows frequenting the Deli Fields and Stop Sign Trail this week.

It has been somewhat quieter at the Bashakill the last couple of days. Warblers have been almost nonexistent. Sparrows on the other hand continue to increase. A few interesting birds today made it worth while getting out. On Haven Road I was checking out some swamp sparrows when a juvenile VIRGINIA RAIL came right out in front of me. This dark bird with dark bill and pale throat was not yet fully grown and had to be one of the chicks hatched near the bridge in August. Of course may camera was only twenty feet away in the car. When I returned with it, the rail was gone. At the Main Boat Launch, I was scanning some Canada Geese, thinking soon they would be joined by ducks other than Wood Ducks and Mallards. I no sooner had that thought when a Great Blue Heron flew in squawking at the top of its lungs. The bird landed among the geese, immediately flushing 16 Blue-winged Teal and 4 Green-winged Teal! A nice find this early in the season. The Nature Trail was really quiet, but the Deli Fields were fairly active. Many sparrows eluded identification in the tall grasses, but there were many easily seen as well. Indigo Bunting, Song, White-throated, Swamp, Chipping and Lincoln’s Sparrows were all seen. A Cooper’s Hawk kept things moving, including 13 Northern Flickers. A single Swainson’s Thrush was nice to see in what has been a season of scarcity for them. A nice morning overall.

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