Bashakill Great Morning

One of four Philadelphia Vireos at the Bashakill this morning.

One of four Philadelphia Vireos at the Bashakill this morning.

The Bashakill has been pretty lively most of the past week. This morning was no exception. Karen Miller, Wilma Amthor, Kevin Kriesher and I birded most of the good spots and had some really nice birds. First, at Haven Road and the Orchard, we had a nice mixed species flock. Chestnut-sided, Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, American Redstart, Magnolia and TENNESSEE WARBLER were all seen. Vireos included many Red-eyed, Yellow-throated and one Blue-headed. The highlight though were three PHILADELPHIA VIREOS!! These birds were very cooperative and gave great looks. I got my usual photos, but hopefully some of the others did better than I. From there we went to the Nature Trail. Rose-breasted Grosbeaks still abound. A Nashville Warbler and a fourth Philadelphia Vireo were the highlights here. Others included Scarlet Tangager, Black and White as well as Pine Warbler. On to the Deli Fields. Quite active again, Eastern Bluebirds, Eastern Phoebes, Chipping Sparrows, Indigo Buntings, Cedar Waxwings and Northern Flicker were all abundant. We ended the morning with 50 species. Nice birding!

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4 Responses to Bashakill Great Morning

  1. Good birds and good company – sounds like a great morning indeed!

  2. Wilma Amthor says:

    Great shot John, Thanks for a great morning!!!

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