A great day at the Bashakill today resulted in 50 species seen by me. I was out birding, and joined Scott Baldinger, Gene McGary, Mary Busky and Kathy Ashman. Highlights included 12 species of warblers, a juvenile Black-billed Cuckoo, an influx of Red-breasted Nuthatches, several Great Egrets the best of all for me, an adult CONNECTICUT WARBLER!!! The bird was found by me at the back of the Nature Trail. Head toward the sand pit and make the right just before it. Go to the “T” and bear left. This area has many Birch and Pine Trees. The bird was initially seen walking on a horizontal birch stem. The bird had yellow-green underparts and darker olive upper parts. The tail appeared short in comparison with the birds length and the primaries long. It had a gray hood. I didn’t realize it was actually a Connecticut until it turned toward me and I saw the bright, bold white eye rings! The bird flew about thirty feet away where we found it again, only to have it fly off. We spent quite a bit of time trying to locate it unsuccessfully. I will be out tomorrow morning looking in the same general area as these birds tend to hang around a while when they show up. There is no front or winds overnight that would be conducive to the birds departure. Lets hope it can be relocated.

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2 Responses to Bashakill – CONNECTICUT WARBLER!!

  1. Karen C Miller says:

    You’re having an awesome week, John. Congrats!

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