Bashakill and the Black Dirt Region (Orange County)

The best bird of the day was an immature Glossy Ibis on Liberty Lane in the Wallkill NWR.

The best bird of the day was an immature Glossy Ibis on Liberty Lane in the Wallkill NWR.

This morning I briefly went to Morningside Park where the birds hadn’t changed with the migration event that had taken place yesterday. From there I went to the Bashakill. The birding at the Nature Trail was great. I met Mary Busky shortly after I arrived and we birded together for the next hour and a half. Highlights of the many birds seen included Yellow-throated Vireo, Magnolia, Pine, Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, Chestnut-sided, Black and White, and many Blackburnian Warblers. Among a group of vireos there was a bird that I’m almost positive was a Philadelphia Vireo, but the dense canopy kept us from getting diagnostic looks at the bird, so this one was lost. Before I met Mary, I stopped at the Stop Sign Trail and the only bird of note was a gorgeous male HOODED WARBLER! Once I finished at the Bashakill, I headed to Orange County for another dose of grassland shore birds. It wasn’t meant to be. I covered all areas between Turtle Bay and Oil City Road and found almost nothing. At Warren Sod Farm, where there had been hundreds of birds last night, there were three Killdeer. My total take from all areas, including the Turf Nursery was seven Killdeer. Where do hundreds of birds go overnight? We’ll never know. I ended the day covering Oil City Road and the Winding Waters Trail. There were six Great Egrets, five Great Blue Herons, and one juvenile GLOSSY IBIS. I walked the entire Winding Waters Trail and had no migrants what so ever. Bobolink, Indigo Bunting, American Goldfinch, Song Sparrows and Eastern Phoebes were the only birds seen. Not one warbler.

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