Ruddy Turnstone Followup!

The Ruddy Turnstone at Morningside Park last year on  July 28th.

The Ruddy Turnstone at Morningside Park last year on July 28th.

With our current state of shore birding at about its lowest I can ever remember, I decided to do some follow up. I just found out that the Ruddy Turnstone I found at Morningside Park on 7/28/13 was once again relocated this spring. The bird was first banded on Reeds Beach in southern New Jersey on 5/22/11.  It was resighted in northern New Jersey on 6/1/11. My find was the second re-sighting of the bird. The banding site now shows that the bird was relocated at Mispillion Harbor, Delaware on 5/9/14 where it remained through 5/17. This is exciting news! Many birds that are banded are never re-sighted. This bird has now been seen in three different years including three days in New Jersey the week following its initial banding. I am absolutely certain that the Resightings Data Base would love to get this kind of follow up with all the birds they band. I’m glad to know he’s still out there, and hope we get even more data in the future.

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7 Responses to Ruddy Turnstone Followup!

  1. scott baldinger says:

    That is very cool! I remember as if it were yesterday when you called and I raced up to see this bird. Thanks for the info.

  2. Good stuff, John, thanks for sharing. Do you have a link for the banding site?

  3. Thanks – that worked.

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