Apollo and Morningside Park

One of possibly three Green Herons at Morningside Park today.

One of possibly three Green Herons at Morningside Park today.

This morning I returned to the Apollo Plaza hoping to find the Stilt Sandpiper. Lance had already called me early to say it wasn’t present at that time. The thing with the shore birds at Apollo is that they go back and forth between the settling ponds at the landfill (no access). So they may return at any time. All I found were six Least Sandpipers and six Killdeer chicks (nearly grown). From there I went to Morningside. With the decent showing of birds there Saturday, I can only guess what might have been present yesterday, but no one was able to check there. Today, there were five Spotted Sandpipers including two of this years chicks, and a Least Sandpiper. Swallows, Kingbirds and Blackbirds were all in good numbers. Herons have been few and far between at Morningside this year, so I decided to devote some time to see if any were in the island mazes. I easily found two and possibly three Green Herons and three Great Blue Herons. Still no Great Egrets yet.

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2 Responses to Apollo and Morningside Park

  1. Wilma Amthor says:

    This is great, I love the water lilies in the shot, too

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