Sullivan County odds and ends

Killdeer chick at the Apollo Plaza.

Killdeer chick at the Apollo Plaza.

I traveled around parts of the county today looking for anything new. I covered the Apollo Plaza, Neversink River and Reservoir and Morningside Park. At the Apollo, the Osprey pair continue to feed unseen chicks. The nest is so deep that you can’t see anything in it. Even the female disappears when she sits down in the nest. She can be seen tearing bits off a fish and passing them down into the nest. The Green Herons are still in the area and one flew in while I was there this morning. The Killdeer number anywhere from 4-6 adults and I have seen 4 chicks so far. If you stay in the car, you can get close enough to get pictures. When you step out of the car, the adults squawk and the chicks vaporize. I always enjoy these little guys and there is no where I can think of to get better looks at them. On the Neversink River I found a total of 10 Common Mergansers. Nine adult females and one chick. I had to return to Morningside park one more time to search for the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, but found none. I did find the Black Duck with two ducklings that were first reported by Scott Baldinger. The young are half grown, so should make it through to adulthood. At the Neversink Reservoir there was little happening. An adult male American Kestrel hunting on the dam was the only bird of interest.

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