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Sullivan County Black-bellied Whistling Ducks


Six Black-bellied Whistling Ducks found at Morningside Park by a NYS DEC bander.

A New York state DEC employee banding Canada Geese at Morningside Park in Fallsburg discovered six BLACK-BELLIED WHISTLING DUCKS on the lake. He viewed them over the course of the day and then notified Sullivan County Audubon. Many people were able to go to the park and view the ducks on the near shore on the lake. Unfortunately, a fisherman flushed the ducks that flew to the islands. They were relocated by Scott Baldinger and Bruce Nott. They are currently being viewed from the side road on the right just as you reach the park. Thanks goes out to Ken McDermott who notified me that the ducks had been found. This is a first record for Sullivan County and I understand the highest number of individuals for New York thus far. I speculate that these are the same group of ducks that have been frequenting the north east over the last several years. They are skittish, so please keep a distance. Good luck if you Go! By the way, they are free flighted and have no bands.

The ducks on one of the islands after being flushed by a fisherman.

a very cropped shot, but not bad.