Odds and Ends!

A beautiful Luna Moth!

A beautiful Luna Moth!

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been very busy. I have been out and about to many spots that I just hadn’t had time to mention in my blog. I’ve found many interesting things throughout this period and thought some might like to hear about them and see a few shots of what I’ve seen. Trips to Linear Park, Sterling Forest, Neversink Gorge and the Bashakill produced some nice results. First, Thanks to a heads up from Rob Stone, I was able to make a quick trip down to Sterling Forest on Monday 6/2. The target of the trip was a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT!! While it took me some time to find the bird, I had some great looks at it. The bird (a notorious skulker) sang unseen most of the time. Then when least expected, it would suddenly shoot out over an opening in the foliage, doing a flight display and land on top of a tree to sing one song and dive back into the understory. While it was great to watch, I couldn’t even come close to getting a shot of this bird. Maybe another day. The rest of my trips were more successful from a photo standpoint.
While getting shots of Lamprey underwater is difficult, I think you will see in this shot both the eye and the gill slots along the fish's side.

While getting shots of Lamprey underwater is difficult, I think you will see in this shot both the eye and the gill slots along the fish’s side.

As many may have heard, the “LAMPREY ” returned to spawn at Linear Park again this year. This two foot long cartilaginous fish that looks like an eel spawns here each spring. It is quite a show. You can hardly spot the fish when suddenly two will come together and begin thrashing in the water as they spawn. An experience everyone should see at least once. Another nice find was a LUNA MOTH! This four inch wide, four inch long Moth is really huge. It is bright light green with maroon trim and eyes. The moth breeds in spring on moonlit nights. It has seemed to become rare in recent years, and I was pleased to find one this spring. Now a few words on flora. As you walk the trails in our local parks and wetlands, you may come across some interesting plants.
A gorgeous "Lady Slipper" Orchid.

A gorgeous “Lady Slipper” Orchid.

Here are a couple of shots of Trillium and Lady Slippers! If you come across these plants, please observe them and maybe take a few photos, but don’t disturb them. These highly specialized plants live a symbiotic relationship with other plants and bacteria’s. They cannot survive transplant nor live in a garden. To remove them, KILLS them. Please don’t do it under any circumstance. Just enjoy the view and leave them for others to enjoy in coming seasons. Hope you have enjoyed some different subjects for a change.
Trillium  can sometimes be found along our trails.

Trillium can sometimes be found along our trails.

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4 Responses to Odds and Ends!

  1. Wilma Amthor says:

    Great post John, I have been having a rough time getting online out here (COLORADO). I’m so glad you got a picture of the eel, they will probably be gone by the time I return. I’m hoping to get some close shots of an osprey nest later today. Last night was too dark. Amazingly, I’m seeing allot of the same birds we have here with a few western species so far. Am looking forward to getting out more when my kids are off work.

    Keep up the posts and the great descriptions, I enjoy them.


    • Wilma,      Have a great time, you’ll start to see some more of those western species when you get out more.  I’m envious, wish I were there!  John

      • Wilma Amthor says:

        Last year when I was here 9/28-10/5 I saw lots of Jays..this time none. I’ve seen so many hummingbirds and some others that I just can’t seem to identify. When I get home I will send you some shots or maybe when we get out birding, I’ll bring my computer to show you. I can only use it here outside and it is so sunny it is hard to see.

        I’ll be at Estes park and Rocky Mountain firday and saturday before my flight. I’mm looking forward to that.


      • Wilma,      That should give you a great ending to your trip.  Hope you see lots of great things and I look forward to seeing what you saw.  see you soon, John

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