Male Cerulean Warbler on South Road.

Male Cerulean Warbler on South Road.

Another nice morning of birding at the Bashakill. Breeding warbler numbers were way up, but migrant warbler numbers were down. We still haven’t had a real push of migrants so far this year. Baltimore Oriole numbers have really increased, but I still haven’t found an Orchard Oriole. The highlight of the morning was three CERULEAN WARBLERS! I relocated both males from yesterday and a female with one of them. Migrant warblers were best represented by Northern Parula. I had at least six of them. One Nashville Warbler was nice to see again. I only had three Black-throated Blue and two Black-throated Green Warblers. In just the last two days both Great Horned Owl chicks have fledged, right before break-a-hundred day. Common Gallinule numbers are up, I had eleven of them yesterday afternoon, and though I spent little time checking the marsh this morning, I still had several. The Pied-billed Grebe continue and are very vocal. Wood Thrush were plentiful, especially near the Nature Trail.
The Cerulean Warblers were singing constantly this morning.

The Cerulean Warblers were singing constantly this morning.

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2 Responses to Bashakill

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi there
    I’ve never been to Bashakill WMA so I had to locate the map of the area.
    Looking at the map (from I don’t see any trails there.
    Can you tell me if there are any trails and where do you take your pictures ?

    • Andrew,

      Go to The and click on “Map and Directions” in the column on the left. Click on “view in PDF form” below the map. You can then print a copy to make your plans to visit. Also, upon arrival, there is a kiosk at the “Main Boat Launch” across from the Bashakill Winery. You can easily see on the map there where all the trails are. There are indeed many trails all around the Bashakill. You would be most interested in the “Nature Trail”, the “Stop Sign Trail”, and the “Birch Trail” of course there are many others. The Main Boat Launch and Haven Road are both also great birding sites. Good luck and have fun, John

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