Bashakill WMA 4/28-29

After a lackluster first week back, the last 24 hrs at the Bashakill has picked up considerably. Yesterday and today I had many First of Season (FOS) species and even though it remains cold and windy, migration seems to have finally gotten under way. Yesterday Arlene Borko and I spent some time birding with Scott Baldinger and Gene McGary. Though somewhat quiet, we ended up with some new birds FOS Virginia Rail, Yellow Warbler and Common Gallinule were seen or heard. Last evening, It was actually nice for a change and I decided to go out and try for as many night birds as I could find. I had all three regular Owls, Woodcock and FOS Brown Thrasher, Green Heron and Whip-poor-wills! This morning, I checked some of the lakes from Wurtsboro to Monticello. I found four Double-crested Cormorants on Kiamesha and a Common Loon on Wanasink Lake. Back at the Bashakill, I finally had my first really decent mixed species flock at the Nature Trail. FOS Ovenbird, along with Yellow-rumped, Yellow and Black and White Warblers, Blue-headed Vireo, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and more Ruby-crowned Kinglets than you could count. Two FOS Greater Yellowlegs were in the marsh. With Break 100 day only ten days away, I was finally able to tally over 50 species in 24 hrs. We’ve got a long way to go, but hopefully things will pick up in the coming week.

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