Bashakill Saturday

This morning Arlene Borko and I searched the hot spots of the Bashakill. It was quite birdy and Arlene got several new year birds. I was able to get one new one, FOS NORTHERN SHOVELER! We were on Haven Road when a Bald Eagle put up some ducks. I spotted three Northern Shovelers as they flew along the channel. There were two drakes and one hen. While we couldn’t find the Pied-billed Grebe I had yesterday, the HORNED GREBE numbers had once again increased. We had a total of 24 of these beauties, many again in full breeding plumage. Karen Miller informed us that she had a pair of Blue-winged Teal on the Birch Trail, but we couldn’t spot them. Green-winged Teal were again in good numbers today with 14 seen on the Birch Trail. Wood and Ring-necked Ducks were abundant. I finally spotted my first pair of Northern Pintail at the Bash as well. A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker near the Main Boat Launch was the first I’ve seen since the tremendous snowfalls and deep freezes of early February. Arlene and I ended the day with 49 species, but Scott Baldinger’s Mearn’s Club field trip had a nice 56 species! We missed the Yellow-rumped Warblers they had today, but will be out again tomorrow trying to find them as well.

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