Rondout Reservoir and Bashakill

Wilson's Snipe at the Rondout Reservoir.

Wilson’s Snipe at the Rondout Reservoir.

Today I returned to my usual haunts. Everything remains about the same at these two spots. The same species continue with slightly different counts each day. One new bird for me was my FOS WILSON’S SNIPE at the Rondout Reservoir. This bird was first reported to me by Wilma Amthor on 3/2. She had found it later in the day than I was there. I tried unsuccessfully to relocate it on Monday, presuming it was gone. This morning when I pulled up to the bridge, it was the first bird I noticed on the first mud flat near the road. I watched it feed almost continually and it was quite successful in feeding, though I’m not sure what it was it was getting. Thanks Wilma for finding and letting me know about this bird. This is the earliest in the year I have ever had a snipe, and the first time I ever had one before an American Woodcock. Wood Duck numbers are rising, I had five drakes today and though I didn’t see them, I know two hens are around.

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2 Responses to Rondout Reservoir and Bashakill

  1. Wilma Amthor says:

    Your Snipe image is great. You had the sun in just the right direction to get better markings than I did. It really is a kind of pretty bird on it’s own.

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