Rondout Reservoir Water Fowl

The Rondout was alive with water fowl this morning. Besides the usual birds present, there were a number of FOS species. Common and Hooded Merganser, Mallard and Black Duck, the ongoing REDHEAD, Bufflehead, Common Goldeneye and Canada Geese were joined by FOS MUTE SWAN (3) AMERICAN WIGEON (6) and a lone KILLDEER. Also among the new arrivals were six Redhead (three pairs) I couldn’t help notice that the ongoing Redhead was still with the Black Duck flock near the power house while the new Redheads were out near the mud flats, diving and displaying to each other the entire time. Depending on how far out they are, a scope would be helpful. The presence of these Redheads offers people an opportunity to hone their skills with identifying the female ducks. The ongoing bird remains close in, but is easily compared with the females farther out with the males. All of the females are in identical plumage and it makes it nice to actually know that these rather non-descript ducks are indeed Redheads. Many American Robins continue to forage on the mud flats as well. It was also nice to see the American Wigeon, also three pairs displaying to each other as well. As cold as it was it was a hint of spring to hear the Killdeer calling as it foraged with the American Robins.

Drake American Wigeon with some Canada Geese

Drake American Wigeon with some Canada Geese

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