Ulster County Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Crane pair along Union Center Road not far from Rosendale.

Sandhill Crane pair along Union Center Road not far from Rosendale.

After several days of being housebound (sick…..eeesh) I managed to get out for a while this morning. I headed right over to Ulster County to try for the Sandhill Crane pair that has been being seen there. The site was just 45 miles from my home. Upon arrival I spoke with a gentleman looking for the cranes. He said he hadn’t seen them yet, so I went and parked, walking back to the narrow spot along the road crossing a creek. As we checked the woods (yes woods), I spotted the cranes at the back of the creek. They slowly worked their way closer to us. This is without a doubt the strangest spot I have ever seen Sandhills (including last years lawn ornament in Saugerties), Wooded brushy habitat along a small creek. Another gentleman soon joined us, informing us he had first seen the birds a week ago. We enjoyed great views of these once again, confiding birds. A train came along (right near the creek only 50 ft. away) It blew its horn as it reached the road. The sound was extremely loud, but the birds just looked over and then went back to foraging. This is just great! In the last ten years, I have had Sandhills in either Orange, Ulster or Sullivan Counties nearly every year.

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9 Responses to Ulster County Sandhill Cranes

  1. Glad you got the cranes, John – and a clear shot of both of them out in the open. They certainly were accommodating.

  2. Jesse Jaycox says:

    Glad you both got them. I was there earlier that morning and had them in the stream about 20 yards off.

  3. Wilma Amthor says:

    Great shots John. Makes me feel like I was there too!!

  4. Kenton Gomez says:

    Hi, great photos of a great bird. Thinking of heading up from the NYC to try for the Sandhills early sunday, if anyone has a report on saturday (or any other advice) that would be great! Also, I will be checking the bird hotspots in the area but any tips on must stop spots would be appreciated. Don’t get up that way too often!

  5. Jim Borden says:

    Saw them on Friday. Very cooperative birds.

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