County Update

Well we continue to be held in the grasp of a deep freeze. The only news in birding continues to be the long list of half hardies that can be found in the county. Gray Catbird, Eastern Towhee, Northern Flicker, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Northern Mockingbird, Hermit Thrush and Carolina Wren have all become more common in recent winters, but to have so many individuals present is unusual. American Robins are everywhere! I have never seen so many in the county in winter. The reason for all these birds is the abundant food supply. Winter Berry, Bar Berry, Rose Hips and Crab Apples are also everywhere to be found and the birds are taking full advantage of them. The only winter species present in any number continue to be Snow Buntings and Purple Finches. The finches can be found almost anywhere in the county at feeders and fruiting trees. The Buntings seem to continue in the more northern portion of the county in the tracts of large fields. Also of note is the good number of wintering ducks. In a winter of deep freeze, it is great to have some water fowl to sift through for some good birds. Rio/Mongaup Reservoirs, Neversink River and Rondout Reservoir are the areas where there is still some open water. The female Redhead continues at the Rondout and is a good bird for the county.

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2 Responses to County Update

  1. Truth Muller says:


    I have also noticed several robins in our area. Could they have stayed the winter this year?


    • Absolutely Truth.  Robins are one of the species that migrate in correlation with food supply.  With the abundance of fruits (their favorite winter food) they didn’t need to go farther south this year. Glad you noticed their presence. 

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