Delaware County Ducks

Mixed Ducks just off the covered bridge.

Mixed Ducks just off the covered bridge.

Amercian Coot in Downsville.

Amercian Coot in Downsville.

Lance Verderame birds Delaware County on a regular basis and he has a spot where he gets some decent waterfowl. He informed me that there are some good birds there now, so I took a trip up this morning and enjoyed the show. In the small town of Downsville, At the bridge on Bridge Street I found the small flock Lance had seen yesterday. Two Greater Scaup, One Redhead, one Ring-necked Duck and one Canvasback. I couldn’t find the Lesser Scaup he had seen yesterday. Nearby I found the large flocks of dabbling Ducks including 100+ Mallards, Canada Geese, Blacks and one Northern Pintail. Also nearby, just after you turn on Bridge Street, I was able to find the American Coot he had seen yesterday as well. Farther down River I had many more ducks as well as Hooded and Common Mergansers. A nice morning of waterfowl viewing. Thanks Lance.

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