Mid-winter Water Fowl Count

9 of the 13 Common Goldeneye on our Mid-winter Water Fowl Count.

9 of the 13 Common Goldeneye on our Mid-winter Water Fowl Count.

Arlene Borko and I spent Saturday and Sunday scouring the county for winter water fowl. The county has been under an almost constant deep freeze since mid November. Last week a brief warm spell reopened water in several locations and a northwest wind brought in some good birds for our county in January. Unfortunately, another mild front came through on Thursday, taking out most of the good birds. As a result, we had perhaps our lowest water fowl count ever for January. Here are the results:

Canada Geese – 345
Mallard – 358
Black Duck -71
Common Merganser – 90
Hooded Merganser – 23
Common Goldeneye – 13
Green-winged Teal – 1
Bufflehead – 2
Ring-necked Duck – 1
Total – 904

We also had a count of 24 Bald Eagles, 19 Adult and 5 Immatures.

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4 Responses to Mid-winter Water Fowl Count

  1. Wilma Amthor says:

    This is great! Where were the Golden eyes? I had a great day at the grasslands yesterday! Lots of practice shooting moving targets. The harriers were flying all afternoon!! And I finally got to see my first ever Eastern Meadowlark. A real beauty of a bird.

  2. Wilma Amthor says:

    The fish crow was a great find….I always look forward to the third week in February, it seems there is more sun and then the crows start calling. It is the thing that starts getting me out of the winter drearies!!!
    I so enjoy the posts from you and Matt. He did so well on Sunday, his pictures are fabulous and captured the personality in some of those birds!

    I will send you my meadowlark picture!!

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