Long-eared Owl in Loch Sheldrake 12/18/13

Long-eared Owl in Loch Sheldrake 12/18/13

This afternoon I received a call from Kathy Scullion informing me that there is a LONG-EARED OWL in Loch Sheldrake. The bird initially was spotted when it hit a window while being mobbed by crows. The bird was uninjured and flew off to a nearby tree. An acquaintance of Kathy’s let her know of its presence and she saw it and called a number of people so we could see it too. Arlene Borko and I arrived moments apart and had great looks at this first county bird for both of us. It was especially rewarding to see such a great bird in the county and it was a milestone for me, my 275th species in Sullivan County. Thank you Kathy for getting the word out, it is greatly appreciated!

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9 Responses to LONG-EARED OWL!!!

  1. kate hyden says:

    That is one spooky birD! Neat find!

  2. Wow!!!!! Way to go John, congrats!

  3. Maryangela Buskey says:

    I’m interested too John, please let me know if it stays around… it would be a lifer for me. Thanks.

  4. Bernie Clyne says:

    How does one get on your ‘please let me know’ list. I’m very interested in a Snowy Owl, a lifer for me! Thanks.

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