Another report of Snowy Owl and a Lapland Longspur!

Lapland Longspur in Bethel!

Lapland Longspur in Bethel! Bird on the left.

This afternoon I received a report of a Snowy Owl near Bethel Woods. I went up to see if I could find the bird, but didn’t. It is still quite possibly in the area and birders should keep their eyes open for it. What I did find was a big surprise. A small flock of Horned Larks. I initially thought there were four of them, but surprise, the fourth bird was a LAPLAND LONGSPUR. This is only my third time having this species in the county! You never know when a quick ride out can turn into something special. I’ve attached the best shot I could get of the bird, the group was a bit flighty.

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11 Responses to Another report of Snowy Owl and a Lapland Longspur!

  1. Ken says:


    Thwe shot youy left was absolutely perfect for identifications. Congrats!

  2. kate hyden says:

    Could there be a mate to Joni?

  3. Way to go with the Lapland Longspur John, congrats. I guess you really never know when the next exciting thing will happen…

  4. Tara says:

    I live down the road from Bethel Woods. Where precisely was it spotted– near the original concert venue or closer to the pavilion? I will check the area and report back. Nice find with the Lapland Longspur!

  5. Truth Muller says:


    What a nice little bird! I’d love to spot one (along with those Horned Larks down at the Apollo mall!)


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