Snowy Owl Update

“Joni” is currently at the veterinarians in Milford PA. She has been diagnosed with “Starvation”. She is half her normal body weight and has lost coordination. She is currently on IV’s to rehydrate her and she will be fed as soon as she can tolerate it. They will keep us posted on her condition. Lets all say a prayer for her. A typical situation with birds is that they really don’t show any symptoms of an illness or condition until it debilitates them. Hopefully thanks to Steve Davis’ quick action she can be saved.

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8 Responses to Snowy Owl Update

  1. Karen C Miller says:

    How sad! At least we know she’ll get great care at the raptor center.

  2. Liz Cormier says:

    Is the snowy owl that is gone to rehab the same owl that was on 17B?

  3. Let’s hope to another happy ending!!

  4. Frank Ketcham says:

    We feel priveleged to have had her on our farm. She was flying and looking strong last Friday. We pray that she makes it. Sunrise Vista Farm Otisville

    • Frank,,       Would you mind sending me a photo of your owl.  I would be able to then submit it to the Ebird records at Cornell so it could become part of the official record of the Snowy Owl invasion that took place this year. I would submit it through my site, crediting you as the observer.  I would appreciate it if you would be interested.  Glad you had the great opportunity to have the owl.  Thanks, John Haas

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