Sullivan County Snowy Owl Continues!

This morning, six other birders and myself observed the Snowy Owl on Rt. 17B from (for some) first light until just before noon. A couple of people remained when I left. The owl was very cooperative. It was in the middle of the huge field on the side road to Narrowsburg, quite far out. As we stood on the road, the owl flew almost directly at us, passed us just above eye level and landed in the field behind us only 70 feet away. We never saw it eat anything this morning. I spoke with the farmer and he gave me permission to check the bale pile for the pellet we saw the bird regurgitate yesterday. I found it almost immediately. It is basically a tight ball of hair with a leg bone and some very tiny foot bones sticking out of it. I would guess a mouse or mole. Here are a few shots from this morning. I took a break around mid morning to check out the surrounding area. I found a light-phase Rough-legged Hawk just two miles west on 17B on the right side of road.

Bethel Snowy Owl

Bethel Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Looking for a meal.

Looking for a meal.

Rough-legged Hawk along Rt. 17B

Rough-legged Hawk along Rt. 17B

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9 Responses to Sullivan County Snowy Owl Continues!

  1. Jeff says:

    Excellent photos John 🙂

  2. Jeff says:

    I was in Arizona for a week in mid November…been working a lot otherwise. I did spend 5 hours Sunday in the black dirt region looking for a Snowy, but failed to turn one up. The Shawangunk Grasslands is usually where I am found on free days this time of year, spending hours in the blinds. Considering a trip to either Sandy Hook or Barnaget Lighthouse this weekend.

  3. Tricia Davis says:

    Great pictures of Joni, love it!

  4. Jim Borden says:

    John–nice capture. It was great meeting you last night. Nice job on the flycatcher.

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