Orange County Snowy Owl

Orange County Snowy Owl!

Orange County Snowy Owl!

This morning I got a call from Scott Baldinger that he and Curt McDermott had relocated the Snowy Owl in the Black Dirt region of Orange County. To make a long story short, many birders were able to come and see this great bird throughout the afternoon. My photos turned out really bad, couldn’t seem to focus through the falling snow. I saw many others photos though and hopefully some really nice shots will be seen soon. I am posting one documenting shot. Thanks to everyone who was there this afternoon, making it a great birding experience.

Earlier in the day, before I went for the owl, it was a real winter birding experience here in Sullivan County. Most areas received 3-4 inches of snow and it hovered around twenty degrees. This was quite a change for me from last weeks birding. It was strange to see many gulls at Shop-rite Plaza in Monticello huddled up against the falling snow. There were also abundant water fowl on the water that remained open. I had over 400 Common Mergs, 40 Hooded Mergs, 50 Common Goldeneye, 10 Ring-necked Duck, 10 Bufflehead, 1 Ruddy Duck, Mallards and Black Ducks.

A mix of gulls on a snowy November morning.

A mix of gulls on a snowy November morning.

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2 Responses to Orange County Snowy Owl

  1. It was tough conditions for photos John! I am still flying high from this afternoon. What a bird!

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