Northern Shrike on Lower/Upper Wisner Road, Warwick, New York

Northern Shrike on Lower Wisner Road in Warwick.

Northern Shrike on Lower Wisner Road in Warwick.

This morning I rushed over to Warwick to try for the Northern Shrike Rob Stone had found nearly three weeks ago. I found the bird almost immediately on Upper Wisner Road. It immediately flew toward Lower Wisner Road and I lost sight of it. I spent the next hour searching. As I returned once again to the pull off area, a woman was there searching as well. I informed her I had seen it earlier, but lost it. Just then she said “I think its right here”, and sure enough it was. We had great looks over the next 15 minutes. The Shrike found a small bird in a thicket in the field between the two roads. It chased the bird, either a kinglet or goldfinch, all over. It dove into the thicket several times with the shrike hot on its tail. Eventually the shrike perched and then shot straight down into the thicket. I waited nearly ten minutes, but neither bird ever came out, so I left. Really nice to see this bird in action. Thanks to Rob Stone for finding it, and to Rob and Matt Zeitler for keeping me posted on it.

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