Rocky Mountain National Park

Green-tailed Towhee

Green-tailed Towhee

Bull Elk at Elk Meadow

Bull Elk at Elk Meadow

a wet Black-billed Magpie

a wet Black-billed Magpie

The best made plans don’t always go as expected. Today we awoke to steady rain. We made our way to RMNP, but the weather wasn’t to cooperative. Our plans to search for ptarmigan went right out the window when we reached 12,000 feet to find driving wind and rain with the mountains shrouded in clouds.
We worked our way around the park for some time, seeing Elk and Mule Deer and many Black-billed Magpies. Finally around noon the rain tapered to a drizzle and skies brightened considerably. We had three hours to search for forest species. We had some nice birds including: Stellar’s Jay, Green-tailed Towhee, Pine Siskins, Mountain Bluebirds, RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER, Mountain Chickadee, Yellow-rumped, Orange-crowned and Wilson’s Warblers. The day was not a total loss and we birded until 3pm when the rains started again. Some nice birds after all. We have to re-access our plans as the weather looks bad for the next couple of days. I’ll keep you posted as to our next destination. Oops, sorry folks, I inadvertently posted this to the wrong spot. Please see Colorado ’13 for further posts on this trip.

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