Orange County Shore Birds

two of the four American Golden-plover on Turtle Bay Road

two of the four American Golden-plover on Turtle Bay Road

This morning I had business in Orange County and decided to go to the Black Dirt region to try for shore birds. It had rained off and on all night here, so I thought it might have brought some new birds in there. My first stop was Turtle Bay Road off County Rt. 12 in Waywayanda. I wasn’t expecting much here, but was pleasantly surprised. Among the 30+ killdeer were 4 adult transitioning AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER. I was able to get a few half way decent shots of the birds. On to the Pine Island Turf Nursery. Here I found nearly 100 Killdeer, 18 American Golden-plover and 4 unidentified shore birds that flew in to join the plover flock as it took off to the south. I found only killdeer on Missionland Road and a few birds at Oil City Road. There I ran into Bruce Nott who was viewing Wilson’s Snipe at a close distance. Other shore birds included Solitary Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs and Least Sandpiper. 8 Great Egrets were also present. I went to Skinner Lane to try for the Upland Sandpiper that was still present this morning (seen by Bruce) but was unable to find it. A Northern Harrier was preening itself in the field and perhaps had flushed it or put it in hiding.

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