A Really Big Road Trip

My friends Mark Spina, Theresa Panny, Kim Nastazewski and I are embarking on a major trip tomorrow, July 1, 2013. We will be traveling for approximately three weeks and have many exciting destinations planned. I, of course, will be birding the entire way. If you would like to see how I make out with birds in spots like BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK, MOUNT RUSHMORE and THE BLACK HILLS of South Dakota, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK in Wyoming, Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, a week long ALASKAN CRUISE and finally “THE LITTLE BIGHORN” Site of Custer’s Last Stand in Montana, follow along. I will have my lap top with me, but as I have found on previous trips, I don’t always have access to WIFI. I will make posts as I can and hopefully keep you up with all the great birds I am able to spot. The reports will be able to be seen by clicking on “Big Road Trip” in the index bar above. The first reports should be up in a couple of days, hope you enjoy and thanks for checking in, John Haas

US: 362 NYS: 270 Sullivan Co.: 191

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