a pretty cooperative Virginia Rail on the Birch Trail at the Bashakill.

a pretty cooperative Virginia Rail on the Birch Trail at the Bashakill.

This morning I stopped by the Bashakill to see what was happening. I was near the bridge on Haven Road when I heard a loud rail in the woody area on the south shore. The bird was extremely loud and doing a single note, giving me visions of King Rail. That was all they were. I had called Scott Baldinger to come check it out and Matt Zeitler stopped by as well. Shortly, our friends Mary and Joyce stopped by. We were all trying to hear the rail. We tracked it down the Birch Trail where of course it turned out to be a Virginia Rail. It was a lifer for Joyce and we all had a great time watching this very vocal bird criss-cross the wet trail. At one point as we all were trying for better shots of the bird, it came out behind Scott and Matt who were intently looking for it in front of them. It looked them over then scurried off into the undergrowth. If only I had my camera ready, what a scene that was. You never know when a morning of doldrums will turn into something unexpected. On another note, several Common Gallinule could be heard calling along Haven Road this morning. The water has receded so that the road is nearly entirely dry. It should be low enough in the near future to allow the birds to nest again, hopefully free of any further flooding.

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2 Responses to Bashakill

  1. matthewzeitler says:

    As you now know John, the Virginia Rail was a lifer for me too! It was great to finally see a bird that I have only heard so many times. It still brings a smile to my face to think about that little bird passing behind myself and Scotty – too funny.

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