Apollo Plaza

one of three tiny Killdeer chicks at the Apollo Plaza 6/2/13

one of three tiny Killdeer chicks at the Apollo Plaza 6/2/13

You have seen me post many times about the Apollo Plaza and the great birds we have had there. Prior to 2009, some of the rarest gulls in the US could be found there. When ever Slaty-backed Gull was present in the county, it would eventually turn up there. Today, with large puddles that resemble shallow ponds and grasses growing through the blacktop, it is a major magnet for shore birds. We have had some of the best shore birds in the county occur here. Baird’s Sandpiper is annual, White-rumped Sandpiper nearly so, both yellowlegs, both Semipalmated Plovers and Sandpiper are regulars and another half dozen species are common. Today I went to check it out for shore birds. The face of the old building has at least 30 active Cliff Swallow nests. The ponds have both Killdeer and Spotted Sandpipers. One pair of Killdeer had three chicks following them about. The Apollo is slated for reconstruction some time later this year. We will lose yet another great birding spot in the county once this has occurred. I am hopeful that no demolition/construction will take place until after fall migration and we can enjoy one last season of great birds there.

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2 Responses to Apollo Plaza

  1. Thanks for posting, John – I finally made it out there this afternoon. I got good looks at the Clff Swallows and some photos of the Killdeer chicks. There was no sign of any Spotted Sandpipers.

    • Matt, The spotteds seem to go back and forth between there and the landfill where there are a number of settling ponds. Glad you saw the chicks, they are pretty neat! John

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