Oranges at your feeding station

Baltimore Oriole feeding oranges in my yard.

Baltimore Oriole feeding oranges in my yard.

Each year I take the opportunity to recommend that people who enjoy feeding birds, but don’t in the summer because of bears, try an alternate form of feeding. This is the perfect year to start feeding oranges to Orioles. Baltimore Orioles love oranges. When a cool spring occurs in the north east, food sources for orioles are limited. When they arrive and find oranges, they feed to their hearts content. Once they start feeding on the oranges, it is easy to start them on an Oriole Feeder. Just place the orange on top of the feeder and they will soon start to feast on the sugar water you provide. They will also take jelly this way. Before you know it, Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Gray Catbirds will join in. If you feed jelly and sugar water and are in higher elevations, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers are likely to join in as well. That is the scene at my home today. Orioles, Catbirds and Woodpeckers all feeding on the oranges. Nearby I place a hummingbird feeder. These little beauties add to the fun. It is almost like a scene from Texas, where so many Orioles, hummers and woodpeckers feed this way. The best part is that this doesn’t attract bears, a real bonus. Give it a try, you’ll enjoy the outcome.

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