Sullivan County Break-a-hundred Day!

a beautiful White-crowned Sparrow

a beautiful White-crowned Sparrow

The A-team!  Lance Verderame, Maura Muller, Truth Muller, Arlene Borko

The A-team! Lance Verderame, Maura Muller, Truth Muller, Arlene Borko (and of course me, taking the pic)

Today, my team of enthusiastic birders, scoured the county in an attempt to Break-a-hundred. That means you find and identify over one hundred species of birds in a day. Arlene Borko, Lance Verderame, Maura and Truth Muller and I set forth to reach that goal. Conditions couldn’t have been much worse. As we met on Haven Road at 4am, it began to rain steadily. The rain continued for an hour and it would rain again several times throughout the day, sometimes in torrential downpours. That said, we toughed it out and managed to have a pretty decent day. Warbler and Flycatcher numbers were low, as were hawk numbers. We ended the day with 18 species of warbler and an amazingly low 3 species of flycatchers. Highlights of the day included: FOS Red-eyed Vireo, Spotted Sandpiper, Common Nighthawk and Swainson’s Thrush. A surprise was over 60 Pine Siskins, a rarity on break day. We were able to find all the expected marsh birds, American Bittern, Pied-billed Grebe, Green Heron, Great Blue Heron, Common Gallinule and Virginia Rail. Only Least Bittern has yet to arrive. This event was a first for Maura and Truth Muller. Many birds were lifers for them both. We were glad to have them on our team and it was a great time for all of us. It was also great to see Sean Sime and Joe DeCostanza and their team again this year. A great group of birders doing a fund raiser for “Gull Island”. We wish them a great weekend with many birds. In the end, we had 111 species. Though our total wasn’t very high by historical standards, we all had a great day and lots of fun.

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5 Responses to Sullivan County Break-a-hundred Day!

  1. scott says:

    Congrats on your day. FYI: When Danny and I were doing our count on Friday we ran into Pat from the DEC on Haven Rd early Friday morning doing waterfowl/marsh bird survey and she has heard Least Bittern. From her description, she called it and got response I believe off the Long Path from the area around the Horseshoe pull off. We did not hear it on our count. It was a tough day for us too but much better weather. We had 113 species which included 20 species of warbler, 5 species of flycatcher including FOS WILLOW, all 4 Vireos, Spotted Sandpiper (3), Solitary Sandpiper(4), Killdeer (1), and Lesser Yellowlegs (1). Other highlights included RED-THROATED LOON, MARSH WREN, and PINE SISKINS, How did you like that that 50+ flock of Siskins at my feeders on Saturday.!! I could not believe the number of birders watching my feeder station yesterday.

    • Scott, †††† Congrats on a great count!† We only had ten Siskins at your house, the 50+ we saw were at the Deli Fields!† We had Least Sandpipers at the Apollo. Where was the Red-throated Loon?† I still need that for the year.† We had 26 Common Loons, but no RTLO.† Also we had Ruddy Duck on Wanasink Lake. Interesting about the Least Bittern, especially since that survey was always my job. Wonder what that’s about.† John

  2. Maura says:

    Thanks everyone! We had a great time!
    – Maura & Truth

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