Bashakill Migration

I was able to get out to the Bashakill for the first time in several weeks this morning. I found many new birds of the season and it was quite busy in spite of it being cool with showers periodically. Arlene Borko and I met at Haven Road and our first new birds were three EASTERN KINGBIRDS fly catching in the marsh on the west side of the road. From there we went to the Stop Sign Trail and Orchard. Yellow , Yellow-rumped and Black and White Warblers as well as Common Yellowthroats, Ovenbirds, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Gray Catbirds were all easily found. Ruby-crowned Kinglets seemed to be everywhere. At the Nature Trail things were surprisingly quiet. The Horseshoe Trail was quite active with more Blue-gray Gnatcatchers an American Redstart and our first House Wren. By the time we reached the Deli Fields it had begun to rain steadily and we found little there. Back at Yankee Lake, 45 Ring-necked Ducks, one Double-crested Cormorant, one Common Loon and Canada Geese and Wood Ducks were all seen. I hope the rain stops so I can get out again.

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