Sullivan County – Major Fallout!

Bonaparte's Gull on Neversink Reservoir

Bonaparte’s Gull on Neversink Reservoir

Drake Red-breasted Merganser, Haven Road Bashakill

Drake Red-breasted Merganser, Haven Road Bashakill

Sullivan County experienced a major fallout this morning that will go down as the one of, if not the best fallout of the year. The thunderstorms that moved in from the west overnight did the job they usually do, dropping birds out of the sky. Lance Verderame called me first thing this morning to tell me a fallout had occurred and that Kiamesha Lake had an abundance of water fowl. I immediately went across the street to view Yankee Lake. I found the same conditions there. Arlene Borko and Scott Baldinger were able to come over and we later went on to Kiamesha Lake. I headed up county from there, checking Neversink Reservoir and Swan Lake, the results were the same. Birds had put down everywhere. As I checked those spots, Scott called me from the Bashakill to tell me the same thing had happened with passerines there. We had at least 72 species between us for the morning. Here are the highlights by location:

Yankee Lake:
7 Bonaparte’s Gulls
3 Red-necked Grebes
6 Horned Grebes
4 Greater Scaup
20 Bufflehead

Kiamesha Lake:
1 White-winged Scoter
18 Horned Grebes
3 Long-tailed Duck
1 Bonaparte’s Gull
1 Double-crested Cormorant
2 Northern Shovelers
Lesser Scaup
Common Mergansers

Morningside Park:
1 Bonaparte’s Gull
4 Double-crested Cormorants
Common Mergansers
2 Horned Grebe
1 Snow Goose
Ring-necked Ducks

Neversink Reservoir:
54 Bonaparte’s Gulls
25 Long-tailed Duck
2 flyover Tundra Swans calling as they went over
9 White-winged Scoters
Common Mergansers
Lesser Scaup
Ring-necked Ducks
1 Horned Grebe

Swan Lake:
20 Lesser Scaup
9 Long-tailed Ducks
75 Common Mergansers
Ring-necked Ducks
4 Horned Grebe
1 Barred Owl

1 Red-breasted Merganser
3 Brown Thrashers
2 Palm Warblers
2 Savannah Sparrows
1 Eastern Towhee
25 Northern Flickers
abundant Ruby-crowned Kinglets

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