Bashakill water fowl and new migrants

A drake CANVASBACK at the Bashakill 3/13/13

A drake CANVASBACK at the Bashakill 3/13/13

The Bashakill was jumping this morning. Many new migrants came in and I had a couple of FOS species. The most significant number of water fowl were Ring-necked Ducks. I was able to count 515 individuals. Among them, 3 Lesser Scaup, 1 Greater Scaup, 8 Bufflehead, 2 Common Goldeneye and a beautiful drake CANVASBACK. A distant shot of the Canvasback included here. This is not a common species in the county and last year we never recorded any. Dabbling ducks included Mallard, Black Duck, Green-winged Teal, American Wigeon and at least 100 Wood Ducks. One flock of Wood Ducks at Moosehead Cove consisted of 60 birds. Another on the Birch Trail had 30 individuals. Though there have been many the last two days (40) I was only able to find one Rusty Blackbird this morning. Another FOS were at least 8 TREE SWALLOWS. Fox Sparrows have been in high numbers and I had at least 10 today. At least 20 Common Redpolls were seen between Scott’s and the Birch Trail. Scott had a Phoebe this morning, but I wasn’t able to relocate it. I had a total of 43 species, some nice birds.

Addendum: this afternoon Scott Baldinger and I went out to try to see the Canvasback again. We could not find it. The ducks had all moved away from that location and were much more widely dispersed. All the birds that could be detected from Haven Road were in a total sun glare and could not be identified. Scott did find us our first Ruddy Duck of the season out from the Main Boat Launch. A Pied-billed Grebe was present as well. Hopefully, the Canvasback will be able to be found tomorrow morning when lighting is much better.

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