Orange County Ross’ s Goose

distant Ross' Goose at the Camel Farm 3/7/13

distant Ross’s Goose at the Camel Farm 3/7/13

though highly cropped, the photo shows a definite Ross' Goose at the Camel Farm

though highly cropped, the photo shows a definite Ross’s Goose at the Camel Farm

This morning, Rob Stone and I were out once again checking the Wallkill River Valley to try to relocate the Pink-footed Goose. I had covered most areas twice as did Rob. I was at the east end of the valley when I got a call from Rob informing me that thousands of Snow Geese had flown in to the Camel Farm. I headed right over and the two of us spent the next 45 minutes scanning the masses in search of a Ross’s Goose. I was about to give up when I spotted a very small white goose at the back edge of the flock. Rob was able to get right on it and we shortly confirmed all the necessary field marks. The bird was nearly a third smaller than the Snow Geese. It had a short neck and rounded head. The bill was small and triangular with no sign of a grin patch. We were able to see the bluish base of the bill. The bird foraged around for about half an hour during which time I was able to get a few distant shots which are highly cropped but confirm our find. The geese all took off at about 1:10 pm, but circled around and all landed again. They were still present when I left, and when Rob left at 1:30 pm. Perhaps with the storm, the birds will stay put for a while. This is the sixth species of goose at the Camel Farm in the last week. Good luck if you go. Of other note, Wallkill NWR was jumping with birds this morning. Several Thousand Canada Geese offered no other species among them. At least 300 Northern Pintail were present as well as Green-winged Teal. My FOS Northern Shovelers were just out from the platform. All the other regularly expected species were present.

Directions: The Camel Farm is located on Co Rt. 62 just off Co Rt. 12. If you google the location in Orange County it will come right up.

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2 Responses to Orange County Ross’ s Goose

  1. matthewzeitler says:

    Another great find! I am surprised that it is relatively easy to to see the difference from the Snow Geese in your photos. When I got to the Camel Farm this evening there were only perhaps 1000 Snow Geese present. I looked for close to an hour without any luck with the Ross’s.

    • Thanks. A guy stopped by and told us that he had seen as many as were at the Camel Farm over in Pine Island earlier, Where?  At any rate, they may still be in the area, moving around.  I hope you can get it.

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