Orange County Pink-footed Goose Continues

Pink-footed Goose in horse pasture on Breeze Hill Road 3/1/13

Pink-footed Goose in horse pasture on Breeze Hill Road 3/1/13

I got a call from Rob Stone about noon informing me that in his search for the Pink-footed Goose this morning he found three Tundra Swans along Co Rt 12. Always glad to see Tundras, I decided to head down and see if I could find them. I still need to find a Cackling Goose as well, so I decided to check the goose flocks along some of the side roads between New Hampton and the Camel Farm. I found no geese on the first three roads. When I came to Breeze Hill Road, I noticed a flock of about 200 Canada Geese around a pond there. I scanned through them, not finding my target. When I came to the very last bird on the left, It was the PINK-FOOTED GOOSE. I took several pics again (because you just have to) and called Rob and Curt to let them know its whereabouts. This should be a location checked tomorrow for those trying to relocate it. To reach the spot, take Co Rt 12 East from Co Rt 62 (Camel Farm Road) go 2.5 miles and make a right onto Breeze Hill Road. Go 2/5 ths of a mile and park on the right just before a house and barn on that side. The pond is down hill on the left in a horse pasture with several horses. If the geese are present, scan them for the PFGO. If not, the site is worth checking later in the day in case they come in. It seems to me that by late morning each day, the geese head for a water spot. Of course the Camel Farm is also a great spot to check and one we know it frequents. I'm sure there will be many people out looking for the bird tomorrow.

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