The Bashakill “Springs” to life!

This morning I headed to the Bashakill in hope of some new birds. Yesterday, water fowl numbers had increased and I thought that once it starts, it progresses. That’s exactly what happened. Duck numbers increased significantly. For the first time this season, I had more than one or two of a species. Here is my morning list:

Canada Geese -500
Mute Swan – 3
Wood Duck – 5
American Black Duck -125
Mallard – 200
Northern Pintail – 7
Green-winged Teal – 2
Ring-necked Duck – 20
Hooded Merganser – 26
Common Merganser -75
Bald Eagle – 3 (female has been on nest for about a week)
Red-tailed Hawk
Ring-billed Gull -40
Herring Gull – 6
Mourning Dove -10
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker
Blue Jay
American Crow
Common Raven (pair at nest)
Black-capped Chickadee
Tufted Titmouse
White-breasted Nuthatch
Carolina Wren
Eastern Bluebird
American Tree Sparrow
Song Sparrow
Dark-eyed Junco
Northern Cardinal
Red-winged Blackbird
House Finch
Common Redpoll
American Goldfinch

A nice morning of birding with hopes of great things to come.

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3 Responses to The Bashakill “Springs” to life!

  1. Wow John that is some list! Pretty exciting!

  2. Hello, John. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you through your blog, but I haven’t found an email on your (terrific) site. I am a novice birder who currently lives in Denver, CO but who grew up in Orange County, NY. I started birding in April 2012 (when I lived in New Hampshire). Long story short, I’m returning to Orange County to visit family and friends at the end of March. I have not had the opportunity to bird this area since I started birding, but have fond memories of watching birds at my parents’ feeder growing up. I’m hoping to head with a friend (who is interested in birding, but hasn’t really birded before) over to Bashakill (and the Shawangunk Grasslands) and am wondering if you would just be willing to exchange an email or two to give me some tips and pointers on these areas, as neither of us are all that familiar with them. My email is if you’re willing to talk about this further…

    Thanks, and, again, this is a terrific site!

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