The Day After

Its always fun to go out the morning after one of our big counts to see all the birds we missed over the weekend. Today was no exception. I started out in Rock Hill where I easily viewed the PINE WARBLER (couldn’t get a pic) found by Valerie Freer’s team on Saturday. What a beauty at this time of year, an adult male. Also seen there was a Red-breasted Nuthatch which we (my teams) missed on the weekend. From there, I headed to the Bashakill where I found that the abundance of water fowl from the weekend had been frozen out with our 8 degree overnight temp. Realizing that when that happens most of the birds end up at ponds in Wurtsboro which remain open due to warm springs. That’s exactly what happened. Among the hundreds of Mallards, Blacks and Canada Geese I found the two hen Pintails and a female AMERICAN WIGEON which I had found last week but we couldn’t repeat during the count. As I watched these birds, 7 PINE SISKINS came into the feeders there. A couple of months ago these were abundant in the county, but now rare. It was a great morning, shared with Arlene Borko and Scott Baldinger.

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