Another great day

Ruffed Grouse on Bernas Road

Ruffed Grouse on Bernas Road

This morning Arlene Borko and I went out to try to repeat some of yesterdays birds for her new year list. We were quite successful. On Bernas Road we found the light-phase Rough-legged Hawk and immediately afterward came upon our FOS RUFFED GROUSE sunning itself in the road now that the temps had reached a balmy mid teens. On to Beechwoods where we found a flock of six Horned Lark. We searched for the American Kestrel and Dark-phased Rough-legged without success, only to find a different Kestrel in another part of the county. We had an amazing 21 hawks in all. 14 Red-tailed, 5 Red-shouldered, 1 Rough-legged and 1 American Kestrel. Only one Adult Bald Eagle was seen today. With abundant sunshine birds seemed more active even though the temps are relatively low. Good birding.

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2 Responses to Another great day

  1. Jeff Nicol says:

    Nice find, and a nice photo. I have never seen one of these.

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